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  • Crazywarfire

    I've seen and heard enough about the "indoctrination theory". Let's be honest, someone only came up with that because they can't accept the ending for what it is and in fact, ever since I joined this wiki, rants about the ending is all I've seen. Let me simply just explain stuff that would clear up both the end and prove the indoc. is fake. Keep in mind, I am a writer myself and I do say that writing for the ending defiantly had bad writing. Anyway let's get to the answers.

    1. How did the Illusive man get on the Citadel?: Did anyone payed any attention to what the Prothean VI said at all? He said that Illuisve man warned the Reapers that the Citidel is the catalyst. He could have got on there when the Reapers where moving it.

    2. Why does you…

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  • Crazywarfire

    I played Mass Effect 3 and was very impressed with it. Everyone says that the ending sucks but in my opinion, it is what it is. The ending I got was to either control or destroy the reapers. I chooser destroy, Earth barely survives but humans do, Joker, Ashley and Vega survive and I died. I'm fine with my ending but what do you think?

    Also I had 5 ideas for ending.

    1. Similar to the destroy ending however Shepard doesn't get near the explosion and survived and watches the whole explosion. Mass relays are destroyed and after a couple of days, Shepard is picked up by surviving alliance members and rebuilds earth then depending on if Garrrus was dissolved by the Harbinger beam, you and him are on the beach drinking and shooting at target.

    2. Syn…

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