• CrackFoxJunior

    Okay, so far the only details we actually know of for the upcoming Citadel DLC are: -A conspiracy has been made against Shepard. -Miranda will make an appearance -Wrex will make an appearance -It will take place after the Cerberus coup attempt.

    Now, I'm pretty sure whoever is behind the conspiracy is going to be an existing character, it'd be pretty pointless inventing some random character to fill the gap in a conspiracy storyline. This character must fit the following requirements:

    • They must have motive, obviously.
    • They must be alive under any circumstances, regardless of Shepard's previous choices.
    • They cannot be anyone central to the plot (for obvious reasons), The Illusive Man, Anderson, Kai Leng, Joker, etc.

    Now only one character actually…

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  • CrackFoxJunior

    I found a MAJOR hole in the Catalyst's logic: (as if there weren't enough already, but I think this one has to be the biggest) The Catalyst claims that their is NO way to destroy the Reapers without destroying all synthetic life. But THEN he states that Shepard can sacrifice his own life to control the Reapers, and that this wouldn't destroy all synthetics, just Shepard. This being the case Shepard could easily control the Reapers, and pilot them into the the nearest sun. Now, the Reapers are extremely durable, but there is no way that the sun wouldn't destroy them. Better yet Shepard could pit the Reapers against eachother, and who's to say that he couldn't just make them stay perfectly still and allow the the galaxy to destroy them with…

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