Looks like EA can't keep a secret: if this leak is to be believed, then a new Mass Effect 3 DLC pack for multiplayer titled "Rebellion" is on the way.

The pack will include the following:

  • Six new multiplayer characters:
    • Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel
    • Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator (odd, considering there already are quarian characters for those two classes)
    • Phoenix Adept and Vanguard (all I can guess is Protheans. If so, multiplayer's tenuous story credibility is out the window. But this is still only an unverified leak...)
  • Two new maps:
    • Firebase Jade - set in a "jungle reservoir"
    • Firebase Goddess - located on Thessia
  • Three new weapons
  • New consumable items

No price or release date for Rebellion is hinted at. All we can do now is sit back and wait to see if this latest leak pans out like the Resurgence leak did.

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