Apparently the June 2011 issue of PC Gamer is out today, and a wealth of new Mass Effect 3 information has hit the web. You can see for yourself by checking out scans of the ME3 article here.

So what's the important stuff?

  • The Adept's special melee move is a biotic shockwave that knocks nearby enemies away and stuns them.
  • Powers can combine their effects. The example given is Shepard using Concussive Shot with Cryo Ammo, causing the projectile to freeze enemies in the area.
  • Why is Cerberus hunting Shepard? They're allied with the Reapers now. It is not explained why in the article.
  • New husk types explained:
    • An asari husk, described as a "hideously bloated pregnant asari, her gums stripped away and a robot skeleton showing through her rotting flesh."
    • A rachni husk, "covered with bulging sacs of lesser creatures" that swarm the player if they burst.
    • A krogan husk that "wears heavy armor plates that you can shear off with enough focused fire." Without its armor, the krogan husk will then charge the player.
  • Tali'Zorah vas Normandy is confirmed as a full-time squadmate.
  • Many squadmates from previous games who aren't full-time squadmates in ME3 will rejoin the player for certain missions.
  • ME3 will feature no new romance options. Who you can romance depends on relationships with existing characters.
  • If you cheated on your ME romance in ME2, "that's going to come to a head at the worst possible time."
  • Decisions in the previous games, like sparing or killing the rachni, won't affect ME3's overall difficulty. Rather, these decisions affect the range of endings you'll have.

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