A user on the BioWare forums has posted some new Mass Effect 3 details pulled from a Spanish gaming magazine. Since these are translated, there are bound to be some errors, so keep that in mind.

Note: Any bolded words are my own thoughts on these possible details.

From the article:

  • New Cerberus' troops include mechas, assault units and ninja-style shock troops.
  • Reapers come in different sizes, ranging from the smaller 500-600 metre ships to the 2km long Herald (a mistranslation of Harbinger?). That's big (the size differences of the Reapers explains the scale issues with Reapers we've seen in other screens and art).
  • New skills for Shepard: apparently he or she will be able to roll, jump and find cover a bit like Max Payne.
  • There will be SWAT moves enabling Shepard to turn and strike the enemy with a greater variety of melee attacks. It specifically mentions "a new class: Heavy Melee" who will take advantage of these capabilities of combat.
  • More new skills: The Engineer class can build turrets.
  • Customisable Weapons, guns, sights and so on. Each category will have five variants.
  • There will be more items to "loot."
  • Space Battles are a possibility, but they're unconfirmed.
  • Environments will be larger in scale with people going about their business, ships fighting in the distance and architecture rendered in greater detail. New lighting techniques have been implemented improving the atmosphere and the number of dynamic elements.
  • New locations to visit will include New York, London, a moon of either a Quarian or Krogan world, a Salarian world (I think the Game Informer article indicated the salarian homeworld, so Sur'Kesh) and Mars (huzzah!), among others. Each environment took about 6 months to create, apparently.
  • You can inflict dynamic damage upon enemies. The Cerberus mechas, for example, will require hitting a weak point on their glass cockpit to disable them. You'll also be able to cut off the arms, break the head or break various pieces of armour on other enemies.
  • Combat is supposedly more dynamic, forcing more frequent movement. The game speed is apparently up by 10-15%.
  • Exploration won't include driving vehicles like the Mako or Hammerhead. This doesn't necessarily rule out vehicles completely, but there's no plans or details on vehicles at the moment. There is also a new scanning system, which presumably means that mineral mining could be back again. Yipee!

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