BioWare has released the official trailer for Mass Effect 3: Leviathan, the upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC that will hit next Tuesday:


A few notable things shown in the trailer:

  • Shepard will visit an asteroid mining facility, a canyon-like region on a planet, and a water planet (pointed out by Cortez as Leviathan's apparent lair).
  • The enemies all appear to be Reaper husks, no Cerberus or geth in sight.
  • Near the end, one Brute can be seen attacking another. Could some Reaper enemies (presumably under Leviathan's influence) now be allies?

And some speculation I have:

  • In late 2010, we got a short series of Cerberus Daily News reports about the loss of an Eldfell-Ashland Energy mining fleet in the Nubian Expanse. The quarians were blamed at first, but a survivor from the EAE ships claimed that a massive alien ship was responsible. This couldn't have been the work of the Reapers, since they were still traveling to the galaxy from dark space and Arrival had yet to happen at the time, but what if Leviathan was involved? An interesting wrinkle is that there is a planet called Yamm in the Nubian Expanse which has a surface that is 90% ocean. If Leviathan was behind the mining fleet attack, could Yamm be Leviathan's lair? We'll have to see. DLC missions for the games tend to take place in entirely new locations, however, and Yamm is colonized so it wouldn't be the safest hiding spot.

Will you buy Leviathan?

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