From IGN: We've hit the halfway point of 2010, and it looks as though Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption is going to be the best selling game this year in the U.S. if things don't change dramatically.

Posted below are two groups of console game sales ranked from January 2010 to June 2010, provided by research firm NPD. The first is a look at the top ten individual console game sales. The second is the top five combined sales.

Some things to note:

- Modern Warfare 2 is still outselling Bad Company 2, even though the title was released in November of 2009. Bad Company 2 launched in March 2010.

- Wii dominates individual sales with five titles in the top ten.

- Mass Effect 2, considered one of this year's best titles, did not chart in the top ten.

So, Mass Effect 2, despite rave reviews, is not one of the year's highest-selling games. Could this be a sign of trouble for the future of the franchise, or is IGN's observation even relevant given that Mass Effect 2 sold over 2 million units in its first week, more than enough to be considered a success? I for one think we can chalk it up to the latter.

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