Update: BioWare's Jesse Houston has clarified several things about the PS3 version's content (thanks to Dammej and DetailedSubset). I have the updated information posted here; my original and now outdated post on this subject will remain below for the record.

The PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 will contain:

Upon release, PS3 owners will be able to purchase and/or download other available ME2 DLC packs, such as the Aegis Pack. Also, PS3 owners will have access to a few "exclusive" DLC packs, such as the "Recon Operations Pack", which will contain DLC that PC and 360 owners were able to get but PS3 owners don't have access to otherwise (I assume these "exclusive" packs will contain the Dr. Pepper DLC items and pre-order bonuses).

Original blog post: A moderator on the German BioWare Social site has posted (see source below for a translation of the important stuff) a few details about what content the PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 will have.

According to the moderator, who says the info is from BioWare's Casey Hudson, the PS3 version of ME2 will have:

  • An interactive comic intro which outlines the backstory of Mass Effect and allows the player to make decisions which will affect their playthrough of ME2.
  • Kasumi - Stolen Memory, Overlord, and Lair of the Shadow Broker will be included on the disc.
  • A one-time code which, when activated, allows players to download all other currently available ME2 DLC for free.
  • A new six hour-long mission.

The first item was already revealed not long after ME2 was announced for PS3, and we've all been semi-expecting the next two. But this is the first we've heard of a new six hour-long mission, and if it truly is a PS3 exclusive, I don't think I'll be alone in feeling cheated.

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