An interesting read. True to their word, BioWare has tracked several gameplay aspects in Mass Effect 2. IGN explores these statistics and the reasons for gathering them in an interview with Casey Hudson.

While the stats are listed in the article, I'll add them here for convenience:

  • Class Least Played: Engineer
  • Class Most Played: Soldier (more than every other class combined)
  • Average Completion Time: 33 hours
  • 80% of players used the face customization system
  • 80% of players played as a male Shepard
  • Roughly 50% of the people who started Mass Effect 2 finished the game
  • Roughly 50% of the players imported a save from Mass Effect
  • There are people who played a single playthrough for 66 hours
  • Two PC players completed Mass Effect 2 28 times
  • Four Xbox 360 players completed Mass Effect 2 23 times
  • Players skipped 15% of conversations in Mass Effect 2

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