After months of drought with nothing but a few drops of ME3 info to slake our thirst, we get a brief drizzle of ME goodness: Mass Effect: Conviction. Aside from ME3 squadmate James Vega getting some back-story, however, Conviction could also be providing a glimpse of something else.

On page 4 of the comic, in the last two panels, we get our first look at a never-before-seen alien race. The left panel shows an alien with four distinct arms and a narrow, seemingly mandible-equipped head. In the right panel, potentially two more members of the same race are seen in the background (judging by their heads, which are similar in shape), although the left one appears to have only two arms (the other two may be obscured), while the right one looks like it has six. In addition, visible in the foreground is a clawed foot different from any other race we know.

What are these new aliens? Will ME3, or perhaps ME: Invasion and ME: Deception, shed some light on them?

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