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So as a female Shepard I fell a little jipped that the romance options are not as extensive as those that male Shepard has. I know the game isn't all about the romance part of it but I am sure I am not the only person who enjoys that as a part of the game. So here is my issue.

Male Shep has 8 possible love interests which include all 3 options from ME2. there are 6 female choices and 2 male. This also includes Kaidan? What? Why? It wasn't enough to just have the romance with Ash rekindled?

Female Shep has 5 total love interests. 2 of the choices from ME2 are not able to be carried on (Thane dies and Jacob cheats and then leaves you) and of the 5 possible options only 2 are male Garrus or Kaidan. I have no issue with encouraging same sex relationships in the game but I kinda wish that I had one or two more guys to pick from. Even making a thing with Vega.

I know that this probably didn't play a big part in the development meetings but I still feel like those of us who play female Shepard got the short end of the stick on this point.

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