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  • Christina.goddette

    My endings

    March 13, 2012 by Christina.goddette

    Okay some of the smaller stuff aside this was my idea of how to take what Bioware has given us and tweak it just a little to satisfy my expectations for the game.

    So fast forward to Shepard coming face to face with the catalyst. The catalyst resembles the Reapers that have come to Earth (maybe resembling Harbinger) He uses the same basic argument about synthetics and organics and harvesting organics to preserve them. At this point Shepard argues that that might have been true in the catalyst's cycle but here and no synthetics and organics are living, working and thriving together. Catalyst finds this hard to believe but the fact that Shepard has made it this far means that he is no longer able to do his job effectively so Shepard is given a…

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  • Christina.goddette


    March 11, 2012 by Christina.goddette

    So as a female Shepard I fell a little jipped that the romance options are not as extensive as those that male Shepard has. I know the game isn't all about the romance part of it but I am sure I am not the only person who enjoys that as a part of the game. So here is my issue.

    Male Shep has 8 possible love interests which include all 3 options from ME2. there are 6 female choices and 2 male. This also includes Kaidan? What? Why? It wasn't enough to just have the romance with Ash rekindled?

    Female Shep has 5 total love interests. 2 of the choices from ME2 are not able to be carried on (Thane dies and Jacob cheats and then leaves you) and of the 5 possible options only 2 are male Garrus or Kaidan. I have no issue with encouraging same sex rela…

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  • Christina.goddette


    March 10, 2012 by Christina.goddette

    I am not the kind of gamer that looks for multiplayer games. I like to take my time and play my own game that is effected by my own choices. that is what i loved about mass effect. but now they have a multiplayer option and that is apparently the only way i can have my Shep live. okay .... so I ask my brother to play with me got him signed on to Gold and all that BS to find out that we cant play it on the same console. stupid. i guess Bioware/EA games wants to isolate players like me. I fell loved.. (not!!!)

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  • Christina.goddette

    The waiting

    February 10, 2012 by Christina.goddette

    The waiting for ME3 is killing me. There is a part of me that is happy that I got into the ME world later. My wait isn't nearly as bad as some of you out there that have been waiting for so much longer. It seems like the closer that the release date gets the harder the wait is.

    I have been reading everything that I can about what to expect for ME3 and I don't think it is helping. :) Life needs a fast forward button

    I am sure my feelings are shared and I am not saying anything that you all don't agree with.

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