Charles Saracino

aka President of Earth

  • I live in Hong Kong
  • I was born on March 2
  • My occupation is Lord Protector of Earth
  • I am Male
  • Charles Saracino

    Hey there, springrollios.

    BioWare's gonna be representing at PAX all three days, but members of the Mass Effect Wiki's elite crew will be there on Sunday!

    Myself, Mr. Mittens, and Ardent Clerk Bosker Apologist will be skulking around the BioWare BAse (Room 206 near the Wyvern Theatre) more or less all day.

    We'll be bringing our full Terra Firma regalia to the event, so make sure you give us a hearty 'Earth First!" if you see us!

    Remember, we're the real fans!

    -yours truly Dr Sgt Esquire Charles Saracino

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  • Charles Saracino

    Anyone else recognize that Certain parts of the Leviathan DLC resemble the Pilot episode of Deep Space Nine?

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