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  • Chaoswolf75

    Well I loaded up Mass Effect 1 earlier but had to settle an internet debate, so it stayed in the menu. To my old surprise, I watched the old E3 trailer play, and one line hit me; "Many choices lie ahead. None of them easy..." said Vin D- I mean Commander Shepard.

    So now I ask, what choice was difficult for you? Was it leaving a squadmate behind on Virmire, was it deciding who to romance, or was it deciding whether to romance Beefy McBigHuge or not?

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  • Chaoswolf75

    Title says it all really. Have never gotten to Wave 11 on Gold, figured I'd do it now. You need a microphone otherwise we're dead from the get-go. Gamertag is IPuntChickens.

    Be ready.

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