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Cant get any new chararcters or wepons

So i have been playing me3's multiplayer a lot latley since the release of the new dlc's. For some reason though no matter how many friggen spectre packs verteran spectre packs or whatever their called, I buy, I CAN NEVER GET A NEW CHARACTER OR GUN. I have been dieing to play as geth but i cant just because ea and bioware had to put this stupid baseball card pack system in. I always end up getting a human male or some charater i already have or a gun i already have. I have bought close to 30 packs(60,000, 99,000) and i can still not get anything. Meanwhile my friend who just started playing gets a vorcha and a new gun his first pack he buys. If i dont get a character or gun next time i am going into rage mode and breaking this game in half. If anyone can help me with this problem i would appreciate it.

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