The day I met Matriarch Aethyta (Asari bartender at Ilium) in ME2 (Jan. somthing) I started wondering if she could be Liaras she-father. I wondered this becuase she had a grundge with Matriarch Benezia and said she had a daughter and she was the father.

Now she didn't say she had a relationship with Benezia, but this made a good hypothesis. So as days became to weeks and week became to months I still didn't have proof to backup my theroy. UNTIL =D Lair of the shadow broker came out!

So as I finished the EPIC DLC I got to use the archive spy videos the yahg(shadow broker#2) had in his office. As I was stalking through videos of people I found a very intresting clip. It was Matriarch Aethyta holding a picture of Liara or probobly another Asari.

I believe Matriarch Aethyta is Liaras she-father, but that's what I believe. What do you think? Please leave some respecful comments on what you think of this theory and if you have any other intresting theories please do tell!

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