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  • CenturyKiller

    So as I was longing into my yahoo I found an interesting story about a new Earth like planet found. Now I don't know much about it but the Scientist say that this is the greatest discovery we have found yet. Apparently this planet is located in the goldilocks zone so it is possible for it to harbor life, the scientist say they are 100% sure about it.

    Now that’s unbelievable 100%! All I can say to that is "I hope their right". This story really has made my day, the planet is called Gliese 581g, and the star it orbits is called Gliese 581. One of the astronomers "Vogt said, unofficially, named it after his wife: "I call it Zarmina's World." I don't know what to say about that but if there is intelligent life or just simple life on that planet…

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  • CenturyKiller

    The day I met Matriarch Aethyta (Asari bartender at Ilium) in ME2 (Jan. somthing) I started wondering if she could be Liaras she-father. I wondered this becuase she had a grundge with Matriarch Benezia and said she had a daughter and she was the father.

    Now she didn't say she had a relationship with Benezia, but this made a good hypothesis. So as days became to weeks and week became to months I still didn't have proof to backup my theroy. UNTIL =D Lair of the shadow broker came out!

    So as I finished the EPIC DLC I got to use the archive spy videos the yahg(shadow broker#2) had in his office. As I was stalking through videos of people I found a very intresting clip. It was Matriarch Aethyta holding a picture of Liara or probobly another Asari…

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