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  • Cattlesquat

    So here's your new lead designer of ME4 folks...

    Ian Frazier, previously lead designer of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and in certain crowds well known for re-imagining Ultima V in the Dungeon Siege engine, has been named lead designer for ME4.

    A few earlier news links about this - [1] and [2]. These earlier links mention Frazier as "lead gameplay designer" (e.g. combat, systems) but breaking now in social media is his promotion to full lead designer.

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  • Cattlesquat

    Ars Technica has a glorious retrospective on the whole Mass Effect series. It definitely captures my own feeling that "the ending doesn't really matter".

    The Simple Lesson I Learned From 369 Hours of Mass Effect

    I wanted to share it with everyone here since it's so good, and also get your opinions!


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