N7 Destroyer Soldier MP

N7 Destroyer

may i borrow this render to use in this blog in regards to N7 Destroyer.

okay ahem.

my first playthrough was awesome, i mean, it's really awesome and crazy on many levels i'm not sure how to describe. my Destroyer i used had great layout that was well suited to many operations in various areas. on Mission of Firebase Rio, i litterally went up face to face with Atlas and destroyed it. (Close Combat) and i even killed 4 Phantoms quickly with melee strike, i even fought Guardians and killed them quickly with melee strike and frag grenades equipped on the right arm. after the mission i went on 4 missions in diffrent instances, and even faced up close with Atlas, did destroyed it again. and even scored 4 kills on one shot of frag grenades on the arm. (lucky shot) i even went face to face with Brute and defeated it in melee combat. on last mission of Firebase Hydra, i ran straight into hail of fire from a turret, destroyed it. it sure ripped through the shields, and nearly took me down, but on final approach i went into melee strike and it got destroyed instantly on first strike. i redone this on other turret and had same results. but i'm gonna have to say that N7 Destroyer is best character to make for use in MP.

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