• Caramellson

    Retake's Lies

    September 28, 2012 by Caramellson

    "You know an ending is bad when the main antagonist makes a cameo."

    "He also mentioned that we wouldn't get A, B, and C, endings, but the fact that this is exactly what we got"

    "Shoehorning an extremely important character in the last five minutes of the narrative is terrible idea."

    "Thus, some random hologram of a kid created some Synthetics to destroy all Organics so they can't be destroyed by different Synthetics."

    "What exactly are the Reapers accomplishing? They're Synthetics who aim to kill all intelligent Organics."

    "When fans demanded a proper ending for their characters, the one which we were all promised, we were told to shove it."

    "You're choice to destroy or spare the Rachni Queen meant nothing."

    "No matter what choices you make, the …

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  • Caramellson

    Try Honesty?

    September 12, 2012 by Caramellson

    This is a simple question, but why do ending complainers constantly lie about the ending? Why do almost every argument that Retakers use to insist that the ending is bad rely on ignoring major lore or events in the series? Do they honestly think that others will believe that the reapers are synthetics or destroy is the catalyst's option?

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