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  • Captainhu

    Some possible light SPOILERS are present if you are purist, but I assume if you are that strict you won't read this anyway.

    I saw a video of someone playing the leaked MP demo as a Vanguard. I realize we don't really put unreliable leaked info on the site proper, but the footage really got me excited to play ME3. I won't link the video as EA is aggressively bringing these vids down when they find them. The animations looked smoother, the biotic visuals are much cleaner, and the speed is almost jarring. There was alot to love in the video, but three things jumped out at me the most. Now all these observation apply to the multiplayer without Shepard which is fundamentally different from the single-player with Shepard. Also, this leaked …

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  • Captainhu

    Blond FemShep won the first round hands-down, but it begs the question, was the haircut or the hair color that was the deciding factor? Bioware is just dying to find out! Head over to Facebook and give them the answer.

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