I haven't read issue #2 yet, but looking over the wiki article it raises a lot of questions.

Assuming this comic takes place slightly after the end of the First Contact War, how the heck could Harper/Eva even know where Illium was, let alone go there and navigate the Mass Relays?

I mean, humanity has literally just learned of the existence of the Citadel and the Council species, and has only just begun to understand the existence of other life in the galaxy. Harper's claim that (admittedly a few) humans had gone to Illium seems to make absolutely no sense.

There are other interesting things, like Harper's transformation and omnilingualism, and this 'Arca Monolith' - but I'm struggling to work out the plausibility of this story given what we know of human history and contact with the rest of the galaxy.

Am I interpreting this wrong? Does a significant amount of time pass between the end of the war and Harper's journey to Illium?

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