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Bronzey June 13, 2010 User blog:Bronzey

Just a quick question, is anybody else noticing the lack of originality in the Daily News updates?

I mean, in just a few months we've had the Mass Effect version of the 9/11 attacks, invasions of 'Iraq' and 'Afghanistan' (Garvug and Taetrus), thinly-veiled references to red scares ('Cerberus scares') in the media, a reference to what I think is Hurricane Katrina, climate change talks at Copenhagen Thessia and a swine-flu parallel,

Don't get me wrong, some of the news is awesomely satirical, and I understand if they're deliberately poking fun at some topics - but surely in a fictional universe of such depth Bioware could create some news stories that aren't so obviously a reflection of reality?

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