There's been some raised eyebrows over the last few months regarding the lack of new ME2 DLC, or even any announcements about future packs.

Rest assured, Bioware developers have confirmed that DLC is on the way.

Chris Priestly on Bioware's official forum confirmed today: "There is still more Mass Effect 2 DLC coming."

Jesse Houston (@gtez on Twitter), responding to a tweet that suggested ME2 DLC would stop now that ME3 was in development, said "Nope ;) We'll tell ya when it's over!"

Christina Norman (@truffle on Twitter), responding to a similar tweet, said "I wouldn't assume that" [DLC is over.]

Whatever form the DLC takes, the most likely seems to be larger story-driven packs that advance the plot between the two games (similar to Lair of the Shadow Broker).

This is good news, LotSB was very high quality and I can't wait to see what they come up with next :)

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