Just thought it was interesting to note that Bioware have now uploaded a profile of Admiral Hackett, emphasizing his role within internal Alliance politics and personal commitment to Shepard (almost setting him up as an 'old friend').

It could be nothing, but I'd wager this sets the scene for a larger role for Hackett in the events of ME3, especially considering his final conversation with Shepard in Arrival and some of the possible consequences of that in terms of human-batarian relations.

I'd even go so far as to say that he may take over from Anderson as the main 'Alliance' person we deal with, or perhaps even serves as a counterpoint to Anderson in the sense that he's focused on military and not diplomatic matters.

Whatever the outcome, I'm really glad that Bioware are ramping up the political and diplomatic threads of the Mass Effect story, they were always my favourite parts.

Thoughts? Should Hackett be given an expanded role? What would his role be?

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