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    Why Do I Burn Kaiden?

    January 5, 2012 by Brianbreed

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    I've played through the first Mass Effect several times. I've made two male paragons, one male renegade, and a female renegade. I'm working on a third male paragon right now, and I already know about several of the decisions I will need to make.

    Off-topic, it's hard for me to enjoy the renegade playthroughs. One of the great benefits of branching stories is, of course, that the player gets to enjoy several stories over multiple playthroughs. Perhaps as importantly, games which require decisions of the player give us the chance to see the world - albeit in a controlled context - through a different pair of eyes. That capacity of games to challenge us, to provide us insight into other ways of being and doing, forms the …

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    The Mass Effect universe is well-drawn and tends to be pretty internally consistent. There are, however, a few plot holes and/or practical problems that frustrate me the more that I dwell on them (no bathrooms on the original Normandy? interesting design choice!).

    One big issue many players note is the Seeker that Mordin magically ends up getting before the squad heads to Horizon. The first time through I didn't notice the issue; the second it was a minor nuisance; by the third playthrough, however, it really upset me that somehow Mordin got one of these biotech creatures from a box labeled 'deus ex machina.'

    But that's not the plot device that really bugs me. There's one that really annoys me now, and it's in the last minute of the game:


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