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  • Braveangel

    I am worried about the possible plot hole in all the Mass Effect universe, namely about the planetary defense systems. It is true that both Sovereign (and Saren, its agent), and the Collectors later on, attacked only rim planets, colonies largely undefended. It is also true that, on side missions, Shepard largely landed on planets used for guerilla operations by mercs. But two things bother me. The first is the apparent lack of surface based defense system on the Citadel. The second is the clear and present reluctance of the colonies to install planetary defense system, as portrayed in ME2's Horizon.

    It is improbable that a space station with such sophistication and importance like the Citadel lacks surface based defenses. The Council had e…

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  • Braveangel

    Saren Arterius was the longest serving turian in SPECTRE. Harkin was the longest serving human in C-Sec. Saren went rogue and nearly destroyed the Citadel. Harkin became Fade, the criminal with intimate knowledge on how C-Sec works. What will become of Shepard, the first human SPECTRE, that in the years to come might be the longest serving SPECTRE (if Shepard decided to save the Council and accept reinstatement later)?

    Power tends to corrupt. Those two examples above only underline the fact.

    You don't have a granade launcher, lady. Get lost! 02:40, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

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