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RPG Mod More-or-Less Finished

Boter January 26, 2010 User blog:Boter

Finished with the heavy work on the mod. Races are all done and I've got all of the talents figured out into Skills. I haven't done combat talents yet; I don't think that they'll really have a place here, but I'll keep them in mind. I also have to wait until some stats come out for the Hammerhead so that I can create stats for all of the vehicles. Anyone know what a Grizzly might be like in relation to the Mako? Lastly, I want to use the Codex entry for the species for just a general description of them - ME1 for now, ME2 once they get propagated around.

As always, I have room for one or two more players, so anyone interested can leave a response here.

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