Decided to forget about the cost list. I'll just give them stuff as they need it off of the bodies of their fallen enemies. Still something I'm keeping an eye out for, though, as I want this to be a full mod at some point. (I wonder what it takes to make it official.)

I've got three players in the RPG and room for at least one more, preferably two. As I think I've said, it's being run online in a forum-based format, so it's play-by-post - you don't have to live near me in order to play. I'd love to have someone that knows ME inside and out testing me during the campaign! If you're interested but don't have the Cortex rule book (as is very likely), it's $30 off of Amazon, and I have a digital copy that came with the book which might be useful for "borrowing". The Mass Effect mod itself is, of course, open-source at the moment.

I finished up the Armor page and have started work on Traits and Skills. The latter will take a bit of work, because I've got to create all of the Tech and Biotic skills from scratch. Asari start with d6 Biotics as a species trait; other species need to spend points to get it.

Next project is to finish the races, but I'll probably get sidetracked by Skills, Traits, and Vehicle stats. Can't wait until the game comes out so that I have a full name for the Hammerhead hover tank instead of the ??? prefix.

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