• Boter

    MECRPG: Underway, and Races

    February 21, 2010 by Boter

    I put together the race list available for play before Mass Effect 2 came out. Looking at the descriptions of the vorcha, I assumed they'd mostly be an enemy race, but similar to the krogan - smart, able, etc. Not... cannon fodder. I didn't think to remove the race from my RPG system, though. So then my girlfriend goes and, in her usualy roleplaying fashion, creates a vorcha character. Oy.

    My Dad just finished playing Mass Effect 1 (sorry, whoever doesn't like it, but when I refer to the series I say Mass Effect and want a way to distinguish), so once I get the chance he'll be making a character with me. I think he's leaning asari, though he might go quarian; if he goes with the former, then including the NPC, we'll have a party of three asari a…

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  • Boter

    MECRPG: Launched!

    February 11, 2010 by Boter

    Gameplay started today after I got two players set up. I've got another that I've got to get resources to and another who'll join once he's done playing the first game.

    Check the link in my previous post for the game. I've flagged it as Mature, though not Adult, by the RPoL standards. Basically, if it flies in the games, it flies here. If there were to be a romance scene, the characters would lovingly fall towards the bed... and the next day they wake up, etc. etc.

    The invitation's still open for people to join. Just let me know and I'll start getting you all set up!

    Later, Boter 00:13, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Boter

    MECRPG: Ready to Launch

    February 4, 2010 by Boter

    Ready to go on the campaign. Check it out here: Mass Effect on RolePlay On-Line.

    I plan on starting it on Monday the 15th of February, enough time for me to help a couple players out with their character creation. Again, looking for more players, so if someone well-versed in Mass Effect wants to add to a squad, they're invited to join up.

    Played Mass Effect 2, just finished it. The mod more closely resembles ME1 than 2, but some things are so different that it really sorta sits on its own.

    Not a big post, just probably the last one I'll post here about it. WANT PLAYERS LOL

    Edited to add link, which was my whole purpose of the post in the first place. Oops.

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    RPG Mod More-or-Less Finished

    January 26, 2010 by Boter

    Finished with the heavy work on the mod. Races are all done and I've got all of the talents figured out into Skills. I haven't done combat talents yet; I don't think that they'll really have a place here, but I'll keep them in mind. I also have to wait until some stats come out for the Hammerhead so that I can create stats for all of the vehicles. Anyone know what a Grizzly might be like in relation to the Mako? Lastly, I want to use the Codex entry for the species for just a general description of them - ME1 for now, ME2 once they get propagated around.

    As always, I have room for one or two more players, so anyone interested can leave a response here.

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  • Boter

    MECRPG: Armor's Set

    January 21, 2010 by Boter

    Decided to forget about the cost list. I'll just give them stuff as they need it off of the bodies of their fallen enemies. Still something I'm keeping an eye out for, though, as I want this to be a full mod at some point. (I wonder what it takes to make it official.)

    I've got three players in the RPG and room for at least one more, preferably two. As I think I've said, it's being run online in a forum-based format, so it's play-by-post - you don't have to live near me in order to play. I'd love to have someone that knows ME inside and out testing me during the campaign! If you're interested but don't have the Cortex rule book (as is very likely), it's $30 off of Amazon, and I have a digital copy that came with the book which might be usefu…

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