well as all you know mass effect 3 is the final game in the mass effect triology games.i wish there more coming more in the future.anyway if you want the creators of the game to make improvements,upgrades and etc let them know what you would like to see new and for example i would like to see more enhance and deeper romance options in the game.alsonew and futuristic weapons,new and improve armor suits,longer game for example more missions and side missions in the game including for each character also would like too see new characters and full hd detailed graphics.1080p graphics aslo would like too see a collectors or special edtion of the game that comes with alot of things like a booklet,cheats and more things built and put in the game for those who buy the collectors edition or special version of the game like exclusive missions,characters,weapons and etc!another thing i would like too see is more interaction between the characters in the game and more missions that involve the quarians and being able too actually visit them whenever you want in the game.if you have any suggestions email them let them know.thier email is i think or look for their website adress then find it.its the last game mind as well be very good and worth it know

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