I just got an e-mail from GAME saying that my pre-order for Mass Effect 3 has been cancelled, turns outs that EA is not suppling any copies to GAME as something has changed (Something involving money I think) so I checked Gamestation (Another British game Shop) and they don't have any copies either.

I'm really gutted about this, I'm really am. @&#£ you EA, @&#£ you.

I'm just venting a bit.

JakePT: Just to help anyone out worried about this, I'm just hijacking this blog post to direct users to EA's official advice about the issue which can be accessed here:

Update: calmed down a lot, just pre-ordered ME3 N7 collector edition from amazon. yay :), Did some digging on this, to see what's happening, it turns out that GAME's financial credit has gone down, and EA is reluctant to send them any copies of any of their games; along with other companies. And now the company is getting really close to point of liquidation, so if GAME doesn't pick up soon it will soon be gone.

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