Have you heard?

With the resent release of Mass Effect 3: Retaliation it has now been confirmed that the volus are now playable multiplayer characters.

My reaction

Well... I wasn't expecting that, I thought was a joke from the start. Seriously how will they play? I'm still in shock. I just don't see them as fighters, they pay for their muscle.

What do you think about our new fighters in the Reaper War?

Quick laugh

This will make you smile.

Thanks to Trandra for finding this.

My experience

Played one match with a volus, I thought at first "He's going to drop really quick. And look how small he is :)" The second I started playing through the first wave of the collectors, it felt like the fighting was tough. The second the 5th wave started, everything went FUBAR. At times my barriers were gone and I had a sliver of health left, at that moment I thought "I'm going to die." Then I heard my barriers recharging and I managed to survive long enough for my health to recharge and had a fighting chance, at the end I wanted to hug that guy for keeping us all alive.

I have learned from that day even if you are weak, you can be invaluable.

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