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  • Bluegear93


    October 9, 2012 by Bluegear93

    With the resent release of Mass Effect 3: Retaliation it has now been confirmed that the volus are now playable multiplayer characters.

    Well... I wasn't expecting that, I thought was a joke from the start. Seriously how will they play? I'm still in shock. I just don't see them as fighters, they pay for their muscle.

    What do you think about our new fighters in the Reaper War?

    This will make you smile.

    Thanks to Trandra for finding this.

    Played one match with a volus, I thought at first "He's going to drop really quick. And look how small he is :)" The second I started playing through the first wave of the collectors, it felt like the fighting was tough. The second the 5th wave started, everything went FUBAR. At times my barriers were gone and I …

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  • Bluegear93

    What is your favorite Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)? The M35 Mako, or M-44 Hammerhead?

    There has been discussion between the two since the release of the firewalker pack, some say that the Mako is better, while others say the Hammerhead is better.

    155mm Mass Accelerator cannon and coaxial-mounted machine gun

    The armour is tough enough to withstand high drops, extreme heat and cold and rough terrain, also environmentally sealed.

    The suspension and propulsion system allow the vehicle to adapt to various terrain.

    The Mako has strong kinetic barriers that can survive multiple hits before they collapse.

    The Hammerhead is armed with a single gun which can only swivel vertically, but it compensates for this by boasting a fairly high rate of fire and …

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  • Bluegear93

    As some of you may know that we are competitors in the Wikia Video Game Olympics where characters from many games compete with each other in a several events to see who wins. For them to win they need the most votes, and a Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal be awarded to the top 3 characters with the most votes.

    So support Team ME, get voting. Just click [1].

    Boxing: James Vega - Silver

    Gymnastics: Kai Leng - No Medal

    Speed Walking: Commander Shepard - Gold

    Shooting: Garrus Vakarian - Bronze

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  • Bluegear93

    Tali's face.

    July 25, 2012 by Bluegear93

    The Fan reaction to the ending of Mass Effect 3 was mainly negative. There was also a mixed reaction to Tali's face. So the question is did you like Tali's face, or did you hate?

    The main problem some people had with her face was based off a stock photo found on the internet. Although Bioware said that they looked through thousands images to find the right face. (See Bioware panel at PAX East here [1]) And I don't see the problem of basing a face off a model? They did it for Liara and Samara, and no one has a fuss over that, did they?

    Well anyway, I personally like Tali's face, I'm happy that we now know what see looks like. And I don't think Bioware needed to animate her face at all, as when I picture her I will always going to see her purp…

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  • Bluegear93

    As we all know the fan reaction to Mass Effect 3's ending was mainly negative (with a small percentage liking it, me included; we can discuss that later.), as it didn't provide any really closer to the choices we've made through the entire trilogy.

    Anyway I was looking through some old trailers and I saw that it got delayed to March, then I remembered the script got leaked around November (I think). Then something clicked in my mind "What if they ran out of time?". You may be thinking "What the hell are you talk about?", well I shall tell you.

    As you know there was a script leak, meaning that Bioware's writers had to change elements in the story of Mass Effect 3, and to change a story requires a lot of time. As we know EA is not exactly the ni…

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