OK, first off let me just say that I am not brilliant at games. I'm alright but I'm no super ninja, I'm just fairly average. Secondly this isn't really a slagging off or a whinge, it's more an observation.

As the personal goal of operation Mastiff was to play one of the Rebellion character classes on silver I made my first extended visit to the higher difficulty this weekend. I did a search and then joined a silver game and we got our backsides handed to us, about three times in a row. Now I thought that this could have been due to me playing as a Phoenix Vanguard as it was the only class that I had unlocked and whilst being a bit of an XP whore, I did get killed an awful lot. Three games in a row we failed on mission 9 and quite frankly I was getting a bit hacked off with how many medi-gels and missile launchers I was getting through.

Then everyone else left and I ended up as the leader. Three more people all joined, all level 12-14 and without very high N7 ratings. And we rocked, absolutely blasted through on Silver for three games in a row. Ironically I celebrated by buying a Spectre Pack, got a Quorian Male Engineer who survives far better on Silver than my charge off and die vanguard did.

So first off I would like to say thankyou to the second group, I didn't catch your names but biggreybear on the PS3 salutes you.

Secondly, don't be an N7 rating snob. Mine's over six hundred and I'm a kill stealing dimwit whilst there are plenty of people with much lower ratings who know what they are doing.

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