• Biggreybear

    Next Gen Mass Effect

    August 18, 2012 by Biggreybear

    It appears that we are not far off the arrival of Sony and Microsoft's new consoles, there is an increasing amount of chatter about them online. Whilst it is unlikely that either system will hold parity with a top end gaming PC they will be better than the current gen. Now I am no expert on building games but I would assume that better graphics cards, faster processors, more memory and an optical drive that can actually hold an entire game (looking at Microsoft) would allow a broader gaming experience.

    So I am thinking, if I could make a wishlist for a game set in the ME universe, what features would I like to see added (or brought back) to the series.

    Bigger and more open Hubs. If they can be as pretty as they were in ME3 but big, really bi…

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  • Biggreybear

    Comedy moments

    July 24, 2012 by Biggreybear

    Apologies if anyone has already noticed this but does anyone else start singing the old Benny Hill chase theme whenever the alerted Reapers are chasing the Normandy? Then the Normandy flies too close to a bunch of Justicars and rips their clothes off so they join in the chase and it all ends with Garrus slapping a Volus on top of his head.

    OK surreal moment over, I'll get my coat...

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  • Biggreybear

    OK, first off let me just say that I am not brilliant at games. I'm alright but I'm no super ninja, I'm just fairly average. Secondly this isn't really a slagging off or a whinge, it's more an observation.

    As the personal goal of operation Mastiff was to play one of the Rebellion character classes on silver I made my first extended visit to the higher difficulty this weekend. I did a search and then joined a silver game and we got our backsides handed to us, about three times in a row. Now I thought that this could have been due to me playing as a Phoenix Vanguard as it was the only class that I had unlocked and whilst being a bit of an XP whore, I did get killed an awful lot. Three games in a row we failed on mission 9 and quite frankly I …

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  • Biggreybear

    OK this is my first blog post, anywhere ever so please be gentle.

    I've played through ME3 several times and whilst I know all the usual criticisms I thought I would post something a little more light hearted.

    Why are there pigeons on the Presidium? I know that the Earth Ambassador was responsible for the landscaping but really, pigeons? Imagine you are sat outside Apollo cafe listening to Ashley whine or Liara tell you what a great information broker she is and you end up getting dumped on by the pigeons lined up on the veranda. Seriously, this is why no one is prepared to help Earth.

    Who is that bloke that wanders around the crew deck on the Normandy who just salutes you if you try to interact with him?

    If you were, at a given moment, the mos…

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