I'm an engineer, so from my plays i've developed an affinity for pistols, although, as time goes on, i've grown quite fond of my Geth Pulse Rifle and my Mattock Heavy Rifle.

Question is, planned gear(carry over and new) and out of curiosity, play strategy.

Being a die hard engineer, my fav powers are: Geth Shield Boost(even in Mass Effect 1 i imagined my engineer shep having geth shields as his pet project. Lo and behold, Legion) Combat Drone(always wanted EDI to "assume control. Of my drone.) Incinerate, Overload, and AI hacking.

Fav weapons, Phalanx pistol, predator pistol, geth pulse rifle, mattock, and cain.

Squadmates: Garrus (hes my bro whenever hes not calibrating) and tali. (future wife once geth welcome quarians back into unocccupied(HELLO!!!!!!) rannoch)

And one other thing. Wtf noveria?? Sure its nostalgic, but the rachni left! Why go back?

Thoughts, and anything relevant and or funny.

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