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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Team Organizing

BeoW0lfe January 25, 2012 User blog:BeoW0lfe

Okay, heres my concept:

Post Gamertag/Psn, planned race, class, and role.

When multiplayer debuts, we can select an ideal team from those posted here.

Note: include MEWiki when sending friend requests so we know their origin.

Example: Ex@mp|3 Krogan Soldier Tank

Example: Ex@mP13 Turian Soldier/infiltrator Suppressor

Example: EXXAMpll33 Asari Adept Manipulator

BeoW0lfe Turian/Quarian Engineer Medic/Hacker

Race: self explanitory

Class: self explanitory

Role: similar to mmo role. Adjusted for Mass Effect.

Examples: setinel's warp, lift, overload. Manipulator

Infiltrator, sniper, incinerate, tactical cloak. Flanker

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