Add your beat class set-up and your reason why you think it is the best class of all. And I don't just mean the class I mean power levels, weapons and even mods if you want. To make it easier write the description as if it was a level 20.

My favourite class setup:

N7 Destroyer

Weapons: N7 Typhoon with Stability Damper and Magazine Upgrade

Powers: T5-V Internal Systems: Durability,Shield Recharge,Fitness Expert Multi-Frag Grenade: Force & Damage,Max Grenades,Grenade Count Missile Launcher: Shield Penalty,Refire Time,Hydra Missiles Devastator Mode: Weapon Accuracy,Rate of Fire,Damage Bonus T5-V Battlesuit: Weapon Damage,Power Damage,Weapon Damage

I think that this is the best class build, The N7 Typhoon naturally has alot of recoil but the Stability Damper and the weapon accracy evolution of Deavastator Mode give it close to pin-point accuracy, and the Magazine upgarde paired with the Rate of Fire evolution of Devastator mode can turn the typhoon into a mini-gun.

The powers are focused heavily on quick and powerful damage dealing. This setup can fire a heavy amount of grenades in a short time and the Missile Launcher can pick off any straglers with low health .

You don't have to go to this much trouble to post something but just join in and put in your favourite class.

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