Slayer Vanguard

    July 16, 2013 by BUGSY

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share a little something with the Mass Effect community for any who are still an active part of the ME3 online such as myself... (really enjoyable, even after all this time) i've been sharing my slayer build alot and people seem to dig it and it's a great buile for Gold and even platinum. _Charge-all damage at the end barrier restored- _phase efficient blast and and armour damage- _slash all damage and recharge speed-then i skiped weapon damage completely _for shields and melee i went 50% bonus shields and 75% melee damage. recommend a light load out-acolyte-talon-predator-eagle-or even the acolyte paired with a decent smg can be quite powerful and u might want to take that in platinum rounds strip the shields th…

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