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    Mass effect 3 ended in a very unorthodox fashion. Plot holes, no final boss fight, anti-climactic, nonsensical; you name it. Regardless, some hated it, some loved it. The group of people in the latter category most likely believe in the Indoctrination Theory (IT). Simply put, the It postulates that the ending sequence (after Harbinger attacks Shepard) is merely a figment of Shepard's mind, and this is where the remainder of the game takes place.

    Needless to say, this has been over analyzed to the point of absurdity. every little detail has been picked apart by the loyal fan base, attempting to bring more hints into the light. This is all fine…

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  • Awayorafk

    Here is what I believe Bioware was trying to do with their ending OR MORE SPECIFICALLY, THE REAPERS. They may have failed at making it obvious, but it becomes more apparent if you see the 'stock' universe as the creators see it. if you replay a ME3 non-import, you will see themes that you just don't see if you know diplomatic, friendly members of hostile species from the previous titles (Wrex, Tali, Legion). Much of the fan uproar is very well founded; some fan hate is just due to lack of knowledge (remembering) of the lore.

    The Reapers are galactic peace keepers that allow for all life 'get a chance'. This is seen as a gift to us, which is an objectively deep notion. They give us technology so we can flourish, but as soon as we go too…

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