Recently I have found myself ranting in the blogs about Mass Effect 3's future DLC's and what I'd like to see. Like I've said before, given the species that the Mass Effect universe has in it that have had no further in-game exploration (The Raloi, Virtual Aliens, Kakliosaurs, etc.) I think that introducing those species to the character would make a great DLC.

But, that also begs the question, "What is Mass Effect 4 going to be about?"

I find it just as upsetting as the next Mass Effect fan that the Shepard trilogy is over. I spent all this time building up relationships not only with my squad and crew but, with other characters such as Captain Anderson or Conrad Vernor, just to have the Reapers come along and end it all. As much as I would like to see what happens after Mass Effect 3, the fact of the matter is that it will never happen. There are simply too many differet endings and choices to go off of that if the BioWare team were to try and satisfy every gamers desires then they would be making 4 whole new games under the same title and there is no way that is going to happen.

So what does the series future hold? Will Mass Effect be an MMORPG? (I personally would love that so long as they manage to platform it onto the xbox 360.) Or will Mass Effect 4 be a prequel, taking place during the First Contact War perhaps. What about life in the Galaxy before Humanity entered itself into the Galactic Community? Sure everyone loves seeing Humans and The Alliance comming into the Galaxy and claiming colonies like they own the damn place but, what were things like before we came along? Perhaps getting to play as the Turians or the Krogans during the Rachni Wars or the Krogan Rebellions. Playing as a Quarian when they first created the Geth and getting to fight in the Morning War.

Well I'm interested in knowing what the rest of the Mass Effect community would like to see in the future of Mass Effect, whether it be DLC's for ME3, or game ideas for ME4, please leave your comments and thank you for reading :) Have a spectacular day!

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