Just some ideas I've had in my head for a while now of some characters I'd like to see in the multiplayer, along with some new gear bonuses and such.

Prothean Adept:

Dark Channel
Lift Grenade

Salarian Soldier(like the ones from ME that had on helmets):

Frag/Cluster Grenade
Proximity Mine
Concussive Shot

Turian Engineer:

Defense Drone(A type of combat drone that follows you and can only attack     enemys within a certain radius)
Flamer (It is listed as a tech ability but it is only used by the Vorcha)
Arc Grenade


Human(Male) Engineer:

Tech Armor (again, another huge tech ability but it is not used by the class that is all about tech)
Overload or Tactical Scan(once more another huge tech ability not used by most engineers)

Salarian Sentinel:

Cluster Grenade

Turian Infiltrator:

Tactical Cloak
Sticky Grenade
Proximity Mine

Prothean Vanguard:

Biotic Charge
Dark Channel


Not exactly sure what to call it but a gear bonus that allows the player to carry 3 weapons rather than 2.


Again, no real names or ideas of what to call them but i do have 2 maps that i think would make great additions

1. Cerberus Headquarters.

It would be the area in which you first come in, the hangar, and would have the back are blown up from sending the fighter through the base.

2. The Citadel

It would have the same style as when Cerberus attacked the Citadel. Gunfire off in the distance, bullet holes in walls, remnants of explosions on the ground,etc.


No weapon ideas, sorry guys but i guess this one will be left to you

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