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    Mass Effects Future

    January 16, 2013 by Austin1395

    Recently I have found myself ranting in the blogs about Mass Effect 3's future DLC's and what I'd like to see. Like I've said before, given the species that the Mass Effect universe has in it that have had no further in-game exploration (The Raloi, Virtual Aliens, Kakliosaurs, etc.) I think that introducing those species to the character would make a great DLC.

    But, that also begs the question, "What is Mass Effect 4 going to be about?"

    I find it just as upsetting as the next Mass Effect fan that the Shepard trilogy is over. I spent all this time building up relationships not only with my squad and crew but, with other characters such as Captain Anderson or Conrad Vernor, just to have the Reapers come along and end it all. As much as I would…

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  • Austin1395

    Just some ideas I've had in my head for a while now of some characters I'd like to see in the multiplayer, along with some new gear bonuses and such.

    Prothean Adept:

    Dark Channel Slam Lift Grenade

    Salarian Soldier(like the ones from ME that had on helmets):

    Frag/Cluster Grenade Proximity Mine Concussive Shot

    Turian Engineer:

    Defense Drone(A type of combat drone that follows you and can only attack enemys within a certain radius) Flamer (It is listed as a tech ability but it is only used by the Vorcha) Arc Grenade


    Human(Male) Engineer:

    Tech Armor (again, another huge tech ability but it is not used by the class that is all about tech) Flamer Overload or Tactical Scan(once more another huge tech ability not used by most engineers)

    Salarian Sent…

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