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ME3 Court reference Idea?

I've come up with an Idea for a reference Bioware could put in the ME3 court scene. It can see it working. given Mass Effect's sense of humor, and although I know that there is no chance of this being in-game I felt I couldn't keep the Idea to myself.

Judge: Commander Shepard you stand accused of geno-

Assistant person: Sir, could I have a word..?

Judge: No!

Assistant Person: [strained voice] It's an emergency....!

Judge: Call me back when it's a Catastrophe! [ Laser comes down through the court roof]

Harbinger: Assuming Direct Control....

Judge: Oh very well.....

I feel it could work, given that the reference is from a Sci-fi comedy program...[namely: Futurama] What do you people think?

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