• Argonash11

    I've come up with an Idea for a reference Bioware could put in the ME3 court scene. It can see it working. given Mass Effect's sense of humor, and although I know that there is no chance of this being in-game I felt I couldn't keep the Idea to myself.

    Judge: Commander Shepard you stand accused of geno-

    Assistant person: Sir, could I have a word..?

    Judge: No!

    Assistant Person: [strained voice] It's an emergency....!

    Judge: Call me back when it's a Catastrophe! [ Laser comes down through the court roof]

    Harbinger: Assuming Direct Control....

    Judge: Oh very well.....

    I feel it could work, given that the reference is from a Sci-fi comedy program...[namely: Futurama] What do you people think?

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  • Argonash11

    Concerns for ME3...

    March 11, 2011 by Argonash11

    Games don't start you out in an already elavated position, even sequals don't. Games usually start you out with next to nothing, forcing you build up over time. I don't see how this will work in ME3. I mean we can't have Shepard die again... and the squad can't just dissipate on its own [with the exception of Thane dying within a year].

    Even if Bioware manages to pull a justified explanation about a squad dispersion out of its arse ,What would happen to the squad from ME2. I mean everyone in the ME1 squad apart from Garrus and Tali were pretty much demoted to quest givers in ME2..... Would they do that again....?

    I'm interested to know others opinions on the problems that I've outlined...

    [Note: I have not used this wiki in well over a year…

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  • Argonash11

    Post your ideas for downloadable content here. I love to hear peoples opinions on things like this, so please do so here.... I look forward to your comments [I think]

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  • Argonash11

    Simply put, I myself really want to know why Bioware didn't give Quarians clear visors so that we can see their faces. I'm getting tired of looking at Tali or any other Quarian and just seeing the bridge of a nose and two glowing eyes underneath their helmets. Perhaps its a logical error on Bioware's behalf... Perhaps it was intended to give them an aura of mystery. Share your opinion of this matter.. I'd be delighted to see where other people stand in this.....

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