Wow, it's astonishing that nobody has made a blog yet about this. BioWare, in celebration of N7 Day, released a series of pics teasing the next game. It looks like ME4 is further along than anybody thought, and it's not unreasonable to expect a substantial announcement soon, perhaps at the VGAs.


(Also, yeah, I'm still lurking. No, this doesn't mean I'm back. The community here depresses me, where once it was my favorite online community. I mean, really guys? You're still whining at each other about the ending? What's done is done, move on. Please. ME3 could've brought new energy to this wiki, instead it robbed it of all the things that made this community great. By this point if you were really that upset you could've already made your own non-canon indie ME3 game. Leave the past buried in its grave and focus on the community and on what makes Mass Effect the greatest fictional series on the planet.

But that's enough critical digression. Please folks, enjoy the info. Discuss responsibly.)

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