Remember my old "ME3 Theories" blog? Well, in a somewhat sequelish manner, I'm creating a blog for the community to discuss the infinite possibilities (and impossibilities) of upcoming Mass Effect 2 DLC. So, let the discussion begin!

Personally, after learning about LotSB, the first thing I thought about as a possibility was a DLC to help Wrex beat the genophage. Unfortunately, Wrex might not be alive for some people, so I assume it'd be more about helping the krogan in general. This would work quite awesomely as an "after the suicide mission" DLC to connect ME2 to ME3, seeing as Mordin may or may not now have access to data that could potentially end the 'phage as we know it.

Another thing I'd like to see is answers. Answers to questions. What questions you ask? What was Anderson doing with that Cerberus Operative?! And who are these two unknown people in the Shadow Broker's database?! From what I can see, these unknown answers lead to a new DLC.

Finally, I'd like to see something revolving around Omega and Aria. Omega is, to me at least, one of the more interesting locales in the Mass Effect universe, and even though we see much of it already, a few more areas to explore would certainly interest me. As for Aria, I'd like to see if she really is that Commando from Wrex's story. This could lead to an awesome DLC Pack.

These are only my ideas, however. Let's see what the community has to say, shall we?

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