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  • Arbington

    Wow, it's astonishing that nobody has made a blog yet about this. BioWare, in celebration of N7 Day, released a series of pics teasing the next game. It looks like ME4 is further along than anybody thought, and it's not unreasonable to expect a substantial announcement soon, perhaps at the VGAs.


    (Also, yeah, I'm still lurking. No, this doesn't mean I'm back. The community here depresses me, where once it was my favorite online community. I mean, really guys? You're still whining at each other about the ending? What's done is done, move on. Please. ME3 could've brought new energy to this wiki, instead it robbed it of all the things that made this community great. By this point if you were really that upset you could've already made your o…

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  • Arbington

    The Next Cycle

    August 2, 2012 by Arbington

    A recent blog about Shepard's reaction to the next cycle has caused a lot of discussion as to what the next cycle would really be like. I personally have often thought about this. Before I had even beaten Mass Effect 3, I was confident that the next cycle would be able to defeat the Reapers, even if ours were to fail completely. I think this for many reasons, which I shall detail below.

    In our cycle, three races were running the show: the asari, the salarians, and the turians. The asari and salarians have this power simply because they found the Citadel before any other races did. Thus, we may assume that the first races to find the Citadel in the next cycle will be dominant. As an added bonus, we can easily determine which races these will…

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  • Arbington

    In the wake of the ending fiasco, many discussions have come about as to the central theme of the Mass Effect series. In this blog, I endeavor to communicate my thoughts on this matter. Please comment below with your input, or your own ideas as to the central theme of the Mass Effect series.

    Many people have claimed that the central theme should be the purpose of the Reapers, and I agree. Most people have, however, noted the very obvious disconnection between inevitable syntho-organic war and any other non-metaphorical theme in the series. I have taken a deeper look at the meaning behind events and character in the series, and I think I've found a running theme in the series, that is also represented strongly in the ending. I believe that c…

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  • Arbington

    It appears that BioWare will be at Gamescom 2012 in Cologne. This news comes in under the radar, as they were not mentioned in EA's official press-release on the convention. There won't be a panel or anything, but Chris Priestly and Jessica Merizan will be holding what appears to be an informal meeting of some kind with the fans. This info comes from Mr. Priestly himself, in his BSN thread on the subject.

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  • Arbington


    July 17, 2012 by Arbington

    As I'm sure everyone is aware, the latest multiplayer expansion has added a new challenge level, Platinum. I am not ashamed to say that I have not made it past Wave 2. How has it gone for everybody else?

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