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Problems with mass effect

I loved the mass effect games, they are some of the best video games i have ever played. You got to know the characters and felt like you actually were commander shephard. But if you paid close attention to the game you would have noticed a couple of flaws.



Joker during his mission

During Mass Effect 2 Joker gets his own mission where he has to unshakle EDI. to do this he has to walk around the ship. There is one flaw to this mission. If you talked to Joker in the cockpit in Mass Effect 1 he talks about a condition he has called vroliks syndrome (brittle bone disease). He also mentions that it is hard for him to walk around even with his crutches. But in Mass Effect 2 he is able to walk around un-aided. How is this possible?

Garrus' Armor

Garrus ME2 Character Shot

Garrus after his accident in Mass Effect 2

In Mass Effect 2 Garrus gets shot during his recruit mission and gets serious injuries. he gets scars on his face and also gains a hole in his armor. If you do his loyalty mission he gets a new outfit but the hole doesn't disappear. If he got a new set of armour why would the hole still be there? it doesn't make any sense.

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